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  * Graphical operating interface, menu designed for convenient use

  * High brightness and large size LCD, with touch screen input

  * Flexible Plate layout with Blanks, Standards, Samples, Reference, QC in one screen

  * Single or dual wavelength measurements, comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data-evaluation functions with cut-offs, curve-fits and transformation formulas

  * Proven optical system with 8 channel optical fiber scanning, auto plate centering system positions the center of the cell accurately

  * Performing 12 different tests just in one plate

  * Multi-forms in result output including patient comprehensive report

  * Auto Lamp adjustment and auto calibration, improve the efficiency of the system and reduce the cost

  * Optional external mouse action and standard keyboard

  * With serial RS-232 interface and parallel interface

  * Easy connect to PC , comprehensive functions with Found WordStation PC software

  Photodetector: Silicon Photodiode

  Light source: Controlled tungsten halogen lamp

  Wavelength range: 400nm~800nm

  Indication range: 0.000~4.000OD

  Resolution: 0.001OD

  Accuracy: ±1.0% at 1.0 OD, 450um

  Reproducibility: ±1.0% at 1.0 OD, 450um

  Standard filters: 405,450,492,630nm

  Additional filters: on request, filter wheel for up to 8 filters

  Shaking: Linear Shaking , 3 speeds

  Display: 320 × 240 LCD

  Interface connections: USB、Serial RS-232, parallel printer interface、PS2 Mouse&Keyboard

  Power supply: 100~240V, 50~60Hz

  Dimensions/ weight: 460×350×197mm/11kg

Replace the old models are as follows:

 * Note: This product has been officially come into the market on January 4th,2016.The new Elisa reader
changes in the facepiece surface but the technology parameters have no changes.The masses of users, please rest assured to buy!